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Hi! My name is Brandi Garrett and I am the founder of Sweet Indulgences Beauty. Typically with any new blog this second sentence is where I started describing to you what this blog is all about, and what type of content you can expect to see. Instead of that I want to talk about my last venture into blogging. I had a blog that was named "The Indulgent Lady" blog. My goal at the time was to talk about everything that I loved like skincare, travel, and overall lifestyle.

My posts were all over the place, and after some time the truth is that I got bored. I spent a lot of time focused on what I thought people would like to see in a blog instead of what I just felt like saying in the moment. I truly believe that we are all complex individuals with so many different loves, and view points that we can explore.

This time around I have decided that whatever I am feeling in the moment is what I am going to type with no regrets and no fear of the outcome. One thing about life that is constant is change. The past few years of truly being full time with my business and having so many life adjustments has taught me that you just have to go for it. With that said I'm going for it with this blog. Im a 42 year old. Christian, single woman living in the beautiful city of Houston, Texas, that loves skincare, travel, and enjoying this beautiful life. I am looking forward to this journey, and I hope that some of the content inspires you. So, here I am at 10:51 p.m. on 04/13/2024 hitting the word Publish on this blog entry and preparing to type my next blog entry. Cheers to this adventure!

With so much love,


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