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Sweet Indulgences was founded in 2009 by our founder Brandi Garrett. From a very young age she was always fond of bath and body products, and caring for her skin. 

In 2007 while working as a business woman she traveled around the country on a weekly basis and she would have skin concerns. 


With all resources available to her she struggled to find products that would suit her needs.  With research and development on her own she decided to create her own line of products, and with the help of many friends and family she created the Sweet Indulgences line. 


Our focus is on organic, therapeutic products that not only soothe the skin, but also soothe the spirit. Helping people feel confident and beautiful is something that we are passionate about.


All of our products are still handmade after all these years and we intend to keep it that way! 


We hope that you enjoy all of the products in the line, and look forward to retaining you as a customer for many years to come. 



Houston, Texas.

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