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Red Raspberry Seed Oil Creamy Face Wash

  • 4 oz. jar, only have to use a small amount, creates a rich lather and leaves skin glowing.

  • Our skincare collection is made with Red raspberry seed oil. Red raspberry seed oil offers moisturizing, occlusive,

    anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits for skin.  Furthermore, raspberry seed oil offers anti-aging benefits of improving skin elasticity, suppleness and flexibility, while softening and smoothing the look of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin.

    6 reasons to use Red Raspberry Seed Oil:

    • Absorbs UV-B and UV-C so useful as a broad spectrum sunscreen*

    • Anti-inflammatory due to high content of alpha linolenic acid (the highest in any fruit seed oil) and phytosterols therefore helpful for eczema and psoriasis

    • Anti-aging benefits due to content of ellegic acid (an anti oxidant). This study shows that elegiac acid “reduced the destruction of collagen and inflammatory response, both major causes of wrinkles.” It also protects against ultra violet damage.

    • Very high in Vitamin E – an antioxidant. Antioxidants in skin care are important to prevent oxidative damage which can lead to premature skin aging and skin cancer

    • Very high levels of phytosterols that can help reduce trans epidermal water loss thereby helping to keep skin moisturised

    • Phytosterols also help to repair skin damaged by environmental factors including sun damage

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